Company Introduction


Premier Tyres and Plastics International is a new, innovative and dynamic global trading and investment business. After evolving from a global leader in petrochemical manufacturing in the Asia-Pacific region, PTPI offers solutions to our partners needs through four first-class divisions; PTPI-Tyres, PTPI-Plastics, PTPI-Shipping & PTPI-Finance.

PTPI-Tyres in association with a number of China based Tyres manufactures, with numbers well branded passenger tyres (PCR/Car Tyres), Commercial Tyres (TBR/Truck and Bus Tyres) and Aircraft Tyres.

PTPI -Plastic has a commercial sales relationship with Sinopec made plastics, Sinopec is the largest Chinese oil company with the second largest chemical production power in the world.

PTPI offers door-to-door shipping servicebetween China and UK/EU. our finance departmentalso providers factoringservice to companies thatexercise in international trade between China and UK/EU.

Our Vision

Is to provide a progressive platform from which our customers can gain access to outstanding tyre brands such as, the Yanchang Rubber-made, Duraturn Tyre as well as premium-quality Sinopec-made plastics and related products. Our door-to-door shipping service between China and the UK/EU will reduce logistics issues and, together with the factoring service provided by our finance division, will provide a complete international trade solution for all of our clients.

Products & Services

PTPI-Tyres work with a number of respected, China-based tyre manufacturers including producers of branded passenger tyres (PCR/Car Tyres), Commercial Tyres (TBR/Truck and Bus Tyres) and Aircraft Tyres.

  • Tyres

    Private Brand:

    Duraturn and Duraturn TBR (in UK & ROI)

    Exclusive Brand:

    Lanvigator and Lanvigator TBR (in Ireland)

    Royal Black TBR (in UK)

    Lanwoo (in UK)

    Xcent (in UK & ROI)

    Roadhiker Agricultural Tyres

    Partner Brand:

    Greenlander and Greenlander TBR





  • Shipping

    Door to Door Shipment

  • Plastics

    LDPE (Low-density Polyethylene)

    HDPE (High-density Polyethylene)

    LLDPE (Linear Low-density Polyethylene)

    PP (Polypropylene)

    PS (Polystyrene)

    ABS (Acrylonitrile-Butadiene-Styrene)

  • Finance